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Going Vegetarian

  1. Vegetarianism - The Basics
  2. Types of Vegetarian
  3. How to become a Vegetarian

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Going Vegetarian
Types of Vegetarian

The food that vegetarians eat, determine the type of vegetarian they are. There are some people that call themselves ‘veggies’ as they eat predominantly vegetables, but also eat fish. These people are not ‘true’ vegetarians; see below for more information about specific vegetarian diets:

Octo-Lacto Vegetarian (The most popular definition, also known as Ovo-Lacto)

  • Do eat vegetarian cheese, yoghurt, milk, eggs, honey etc.
  • Eat no red meat, poultry, fish or products that have ingredients which are animal-based such as Gelatine.

Lacto Vegetarian

  • Do eat Vegetarian cheese, yoghurt, and milk.
  • Do not eat any foods that involve the slaughter of animals and they don’t eat eggs.


  • Do eat Vegetarian cheese, yoghurt, and milk.
  • Do not eat any product that is derived from animals. (No meat, cheese, butter, milk, eggs or honey).

Pescetarian (commonly misinterpreted as Vegetarian by meat-eaters)

  • But do eat fish, eggs, vegetarian cheese and milk-based products.
  • Don't eat red meat or poultry


  • Only eat the fruit of plants that don't actually mean death to the plant.
  • Believe that you should not kill any living thing to survive.