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Going Vegetarian

  1. Vegetarianism - The Basics
  2. Types of Vegetarian
  3. How to become a Vegetarian
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Going Vegetarian
The Basics

What is a Vegetarian?

Vegetarians are people that do not eat meat, poultry, fish or any by-product from a slaughterhouse such as gelatine. The main vegetarian diet consists of vegetables, fruit, grains, seeds, pluses, nuts and free-range eggs, milk and milk products. Those that do not eat any products that are derived from animals are called Vegans.

Core Values of Vegetarianism:-

Why become a vegetarian?

In today’s world there are many reason for becoming a vegetarian but noticeably within the media, we are being educated about the importance of healthy eating. Vegetarianism closely matches the healthier low fat, high fibre diet that is recommended by leading dieticians and doctors. Other factors include, environmental issues and an awareness of how animals are reared for their meat.

Benefits of Becoming a Vegetarian