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Going Vegetarian

  1. Vegetarianism - The Basics
  2. Types of Vegetarian
  3. How to become a Vegetarian

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Going Vegetarian
How to become a Vegetarian
  1. Easing in to a vegetarian diet

    If you simply stop eating your normal dietary foods you may find yourself feeling tired, stressed or deprived. A good idea is to start by cutting back on red meat, gradually eliminate it, and then do the same with poultry and fish. At the same time introduce new vegetarian foods in to your diet.

  2. Invest in a vegetarian cook book

    It is important to invest in a good vegetarian cook book that contains information about vegetarian nutrition, ingredients, basic cooking instructions and a wide range of simple recipes.

  3. Buy food basics

    Start to buy food basics regularly, as most new vegetarian recipes that you will experiment with will probably require you to have particular stable ingredients. Most large supermarkets have natural food sections, but also check out health stores and farmers markets for local natural produce.

  4. Eat organic as much as possible

    Although organic foods may cost more, they are generally better and more nutritious. Organic crops are kinder to the environment as they do not poison the soil with pesticide and herbicide residues.

  5. Look after your body, and look for warning signs

    Such things as food cravings, fatigue, depression, circles under the eyes, excessive bruising - often indicate some vitamin or mineral deficiencies, allergic reaction, digestive disturbance or an underlying health problem. If you are not feeling well you should seek the advice of a doctor. But rest assured your health will most likely improve on a balanced vegetarian diet.

  6. Drink plenty of water

    Water helps the body to detoxify itself, and will help your body digest food more effectively. There is more roughage in a vegetarian diet, so water will help your body to keep it moving through your digestive system.

  7. Try to avoid sugar and junk food

    Be sure to eat a well-balanced, widely varied, nutritious diet to get all the essential vitamins and minerals. Most processed foods are full of artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, preservatives and the chemicals that interfere with your digestion.